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  1. 101 Beer Days Out

    101 Beer Days Out

    Explore 101 of the best beer and brewing-related days out from around, Britain. This second edition contains many new entries and is packed with details including local accommodation and other nearby attractions.

    Published October 2015

    'You will find museums, stately homes, farms, battlefields, coastal paths and, of course, some of the UK's most fascinating pubs, all gathered together, and arranged by region, in this neat, clearly laid-out volume.' Jeff Evans, Inside Beer

    This book is a sheer delight.  It underscores the way in which beer are brewing are part of the warp and weft of the British way of life.'  Roger Protz, Protz on Beer

    Tim Hampson is Chair of the British Guild of Beer Writers, and an established beer writer and author. He writes for the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Independent and What's Brewing, CAMRA's monthly newspaper.

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  2. CAMRA's Beer Anthology

    CAMRA's Beer Anthology

    A highly quaffable collection of quotes about beer, pubs and drinking, edited by Roger Protz. Contributors range from classic writers such as William Blake, AE Housman and Thomas Hardy, to contemporary beer commentators, including Melissa Cole and Breandán Kearney. Excerpts from radio, theatre and other media are also included.

    Published July 2016

    'A lovely little book to dip into whilst you are supping a late night ale' - David Harris, British Guild of Beer Writers.

    'A good local pub has much in common with a church, except that a pub is warmer, and there's more conversation' - William Blake

    'A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it is better to be thoroughly sure' - Czech proverb



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  3. Unusual Pubs Cover

    Unusual Pubs by Boot, Bike and Boat

    The author has spent three years seeking out quirky hostelries that offer more than your average local. They're Britain's most surprising licensed premises, where the reader's curiosity will be sated as well as their thirst. Walking and cycling trails to the pubs are included, as are waterways, making this a useful companion for leisure travellers.

    Entries include pubs in a castle, abbey, windmill, shed and stable; former cinemas, a jail, a chapel, England's first car factory and the world's oldest grand music hall. Others are on boats, in caves and even a disused public toilet. Yet more have collections such as bookmarks, ties or musical instruments. There's an inn where Oliver Cromwell held court, others that inspired Charles Dickens.

    The author has been on Britain's most bizarre pub crawl and now you can, too. Fully illustrated with more than 150 author's photos and 17 historical ones.

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  4. 20th Century Pub Cover

    20th Century Pub

    This book is a culmination of more than a decade looking and thinking about pubs of all kinds. With a huge current interest in craft beer and pubs, this is a timely reflection on the various different guises of the English pub throughout the 20th century, from early working pubs, architecturally modern pubs of the 1950s and 60s, to mock-Tudor roadside pubs, corner locals and 1980s theme pubs.

    Boak and Bailey, award-winning beer writers, have their own inimitable, informative and entertaining writing style that has made their beer blog so highly regarded.

    Meticulously researched, engagingly written and highly informative, this is the definitive book about the social history and culture of a particularly British institution.

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  5. IPA Cover

    IPA - A Legend in Our Time

    This is a long-awaited book from Roger Protz, a highly respected authority on beer, on the rebirth of IPA or India Pale Ale, one of the most popular styles in today's craft beer revolution.

    Around the world, young brewers, with passion, reverence and commitment, are bringing flavour back to beer after decades of domination by global giants and their bland products. Such is the fervour for IPA that the journey started by India Pale Ale in Victorian England is far from over.

    How the revival started: Covers the fascinating events that caused IPA to take off in the early 1990s, both in London at seminars and festivals, and in the US. By 2014, IPA is the leading category at the annual Great American Beer Festival. The renaissance is now worldwide, with IPAs brewed in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan and elsewhere.

    The history of IPA: its rise and fall were equally spectacular: Starting out as a beer for India, the style was first developed at the turn of the 19th century by a small brewery, Hodgson's, in East London. A three or four month journey to India was ideal for the style of beer and soon other breweries were sending large supplies to India. But IPA s hey-day is brief. By the end of the century, American and German brewers were sending lager beer to India and supplying ice to keep it cold. British brewers retreated and classic Victorian IPAs were dead.

    How IPA is made: Covers the 19th-century method of brewing IPAs in Burton; and other recipes from craft breweries now using Victorian recipes?

    Classic IPAs: Classic IPAs from the 19th century Ballantine's IPA in the US, Worthington's White Shield in England and McEwans in Scotland.

    The great revival: The role of New World hops from the US and New Zealand in creating dynamic new aromas and flavours for modern IPAs. Country by country tasting notes and key recipes for some 250 of the world s best IPAs, including the US, Britain, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, and Japan.

    New beers on the block: The worldwide popularity of IPA has led to imaginative spin-offs from the traditional style

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  6. London Pub Walks (third edition)

    London Pub Walks (third edition)

    Refreshed and revitalised, this CAMRA best-seller is the ideal companion for the beer-curious London pedestrian.  Over 200 pubs are embraced by more than 30 walks, with each journey of exploration defined by clear mapping and instructions, detailed pub listings and notes on cultural and historic highlights en route.

    Published October 2016

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  7. Yorkshire Pub Walks

    Yorkshire Pub Walks

    A pocket-sized, traveller's guide to some of the best walking and finest pubs in Yorkshire. The 25 walks are grouped geographically and explore some of the region's fascinating historical and literary heritage as well as its thriving brewing scene.   The walks vary in length from around two miles in cities to just over 4 to 12 miles in the country, and have been designed to appeal to both casual and more serious walkers. The book contains essential information about local transport and accommodation.  

    Important updates about the routes in Yorkshire Pub Walks - please see this page on the CAMRA website.

    Published March 2016

    Bob Steel is a geographer by profession and has been a schoolteacher for much of his life. A keen walker and cyclist, he combines his interest in good beer with an enthusiasm for architecture in general and traditional pubs in particular.



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  8. Cellarmanship (6th edition)

    Cellarmanship (6th edition)

    The definitive guide to storing, caring for and serving cask ale, suitable for the keen amateur and seasoned professional alike.

    Published October 2015

    'A great resource' The Boathouse Brewery (Columbus, Ohio)

    'I can't recommend this book too highly' Steve Hamburg, All About Beer magazine.

    Patrick O'Neill studied physics and spent more than 30 years working as an engineer in the electronics industry. His science and engineering experience proved useful in running CAMRA beer festivals and, for several decades, the bar and cellar of a busy Private Members' Club, and this book was produced as a result of that experience. The technical aspects of making, keeping and selling beer have always been of consuming interest to him.

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  9. Britain's Beer Revolution

    Britain's Beer Revolution

    UK brewing has seen unprecedented growth in the last decade. Breweries of all shapes and sizes are flourishing and the range of home-grown beers available in pubs and shops has never been so diverse.  CAMRA have spoken to key figures in British brewing – hop growers, maltsters, brewers, pub owners and critics – to celebrate Britain’s Beer Revolution.

    Published October 2014

    Adrian Tierney-Jones and Roger Protz won the British Guild of Beer Writers silver award for Best Beer & Travel Writer 2015 for Britain's Beer Revolution

    British Guild of Beer Writers Logo

    Watch Roger Protz & Adrian Tierney-Jones discuss the book and British beer and visit Adrian's beer blog here

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  10. 300 Beers to Try Before You Die! (2nd Edition)

    300 Beers to Try Before You Die! (2nd Edition)

    From Belgian fruit beers to hoppy cask ales, small-production microbrews to Czech Republic lagers, this is a personal and comprehensive portfolio of international beers compiled by one of the world's leading beer writers.

    Published February 2010

    'This is a weighty handbook of excellence, written by one of the most knowledgeable people in the field' Nicholas Lezard in the Guardian

    Roger Protz is a campaigner, broadcaster and the author of over 25 books about beer and brewing, including 300 More Beers to Try Before You Die! He appears regularly on radio and TV and contributes to the Guardian and the Publican's Morning Advertiser. In 2015, Roger gained a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA)

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