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  1. Good Beer Guide 2018 Cover

    Good Beer Guide 2018


    CAMRA's Good Beer Guide is fully revised and updated each year and features pubs across the United Kingdom that serve the best real ale. Now in it's 45th edition, this pub guide is completely independent, with listings based entirely on nomination and evaluation by CAMRA members. This means you can be sure that every one of the 4,500 pubs deserves its place, and that they all come recommended by people who know a thing or two about good beer.

    Published September 2017

    This edition of The Good Beer Guide is sponsored by Cask Marque.

    Roger Protz is a campaigner, broadcaster and the author of over 25 books about beer and brewing, including CAMRA at 40. He appears regularly on radio and TV and contributes to the Guardian and the Publican's Morning Advertiser. In 2015, Roger gained a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Independent Brewers SIBA.






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  2. Good Beer Guide Belgium (8th edition) - Available NOW

    Good Beer Guide Belgium (8th edition) - Available NOW


    About the Book

    The 8th edition of CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide Belgium is an indispensable companion for anyone visiting or living in Belgium.

    This complete guide to the world of Belgian beer is packed with information on breweries, beers, and bars from around the country. It also features comprehensive advice on getting there, what to eat, where to stay and how to bring the best of Belgium’s beer offering back home with you.

    The guide contains full-coloUr province-by-province maps and detailed city maps with bar locations and includes details on over 800 bars, cafés, and beer shops.

    This edition has been sponsored by Beer Merchants:

    About the Author

    TIM WEBB has written the seven previous editions of the Good Beer Guide Belgium and is one of the world’s best-known beer writers. His World Atlas of Beer and Pocket Beer Book, co-authored with Stephen Beaumont has appeared in more than a dozen editions worldwide.

    JOE STANGE is a freelance journalist whose writing has appeared in the New York Times and All About Beer magazine, among others. He co-wrote the last edition of the Good Beer Guide Belgium with Tim Webb. A former resident of Belgium, he now lives in Germany.

    Publication date: 16th April 2018

    ISBN: 978-1-85249-341-7

    RRP: £14.99

    Format: Paperback

    Dimensions: 135 x 210 mm (P.)

    Extent: 384 pp

    Illustrations: Fully illustrated in colour throughout

    Subjects:Travel/Pub Guide/Belgium/Food & Drink/Beer


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  3. Peak District Pub Walks (3rd Edition) - Available NOW for Pre-order at special advance price - dispatched late June

    Peak District Pub Walks (3rd Edition) - Available NOW for Pre-order at special advance price - dispatched late June


    (This offer is exclusive to the CAMRA Shop and will be dispatched hot off the press!)

    About the Book

    A pocket-sized, travellers’ guide to some of the best walking and best pubs in the Peak District. The book also explores some of the region’s fascinating industrial heritage and has useful information about local transport and accommodation.

    About the Author

    BOB STEEL is a geographer by profession and has been a teacher for much of his life. Apart from a lifelong interest in good beer and good architecture, he is a keen walker, cyclist and organic gardener. He has been a trustee of BioRegional, the sustainable development charity and a committee member of his local civic society. He is author of five other titles in CAMRA's Pub Walks series and has written many magazine and newspaper articles



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  4. CAMRA's Essential Home Brewing

    CAMRA's Essential Home Brewing

    THIS BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW. Publication 30th April New book based on a best-selling classic CAMRA title • Practical pocket-sized reference book that provides an introduction to home-brewing in an easy-to-understand way • Includes recipes from leading British and international craft breweries for keen brewers to recreate at home •Suitable for first-timers trying out a new hobby or old hands looking to develop their brewing repertoire Learn More

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  5. Wild Pub Walks

    Wild Pub Walks

    Join the author Daniel Neilson on 22 walks in beautiful remote or mountain landscape, each with one or more great pubs - often with historical significance - at journey's end. The book is aimed at the large market of hill walkers who enjoy long days out followed by some refreshing beer in a welcoming pub. The areas covered are: Peak District; Lake District; Highlands/Islands; Scottish Borders; Snowdonia; Pembrokeshire/South Wales; North York Moors National Park; and Yorkshire Dales National Park. The walks vary in the level of challenge, from long walks in lower-lying areas to Grade 1 scrambles.

    Published: 22nd May 2017

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  6. Home-brewing problem solver

    CAMRA's Home-brewing Problem Solver


    Real ale and other craft beers have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and as a result more people have been compelled to try making their own homebrew. However, while the concept behind making beer is simple, the execution can at times seem complex and confusing. The key to bridging the gap between brewing in theory and practice is being able to spot the signs of trouble and know how to respond.

    CAMRA’s Home-brewing Problem Solver provides the information you need to nip problems in the bud – and, better still, to avoid them in the first place.

    Whether you're a first-timer trying out a new hobby or an old hand looking to produce a finely crafted artisan ale, CAMRA's Home-brewing Problem Solver provides the information you need to nip problems in the bud - and, better still, to avoid them in the first place. Inge Russell PhD, DSc, FIBD, FRSB (Retired Editor – Journal of the Institute of Brewing)

    "CAMRA’S Home-Brewing Problem Solver is an outstanding practical book that provides excellent guidance for the home-brewer. It is clearly written and addresses the 100 most often asked troubleshooting questions when brewing beer. Each of the 100 well-selected and presented questions is accompanied by its own photographic page to help the reader visualize the problem. The book is broken into eight very intuitive chapters. For the 100 questions, each question has the problem/cause/solution well-articulated on one page, with ‘call out boxes’ or additional information to help the reader on the adjacent photographic page. Difficult concepts, such staling and trans-2-nonenal formation, are explained in a clear and understandable manner. It is rare to see a troubleshooting book with such excellent graphics, clear writing, and at 222 pages at a very affordable price. This book is a valuable addition to any home brewer’s book collection. It is pleasure to read and will help the home brewer avoid many common problems. The authors are to be commended on producing this book, which I am sure was not an easy task. I recommend it highly to both home and craft brewers as an excellent reference book. "

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  7. Real Heritage Pubs of the North West

    Real Heritage Pubs of the North West

    This definitive and unique new guide is the result of many years' research by CAMRA to discover pubs that have truly historic surviving interiors in an area ranging from the Cheshire plain to the Lake District. It provides descriptions and information on over 200 pubs, amongst which there are unspoilt country locals, Victorian drinking palaces and mighty roadhouses. The book has features on how the pub developed, what's distinctive about pubs in the North West, how people a century ago could expect to be served drinks at their table, and how they used the pub for take-out sales in the pre-supermarket era.

    Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs throughout, includes county maps showing pub locations.

    The editor architectural historian Geoff Brandwood is passionate about pubs, and is a former chairman of the Victorian Society. He is author of Britain's Best Real Heritage Pubs (2013), London Heritage Pubs (2008), both for CAMRA, and co-author of English Heritage's acclaimed Licensed to Sell (2011).

    A wonderful addition to CAMRA's heritage series.

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  8. GBG18 Book Pack

    The Good Beer Guides Starter Set

    Dive in to great beer with a copy of both CAMRA's Good Beer Guide 2018 (cover price £15.99) and Good Bottled Beer Guide (cover price £12.99)!

    These two great books give you a wealth of information on the beers available around the UK in both cask and bottle, as well as highlighting the best places to buy them.

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  9. Miracle Brew cover

    Miracle Brew: Hops, Barley, Water, Yeast and the Nature of Beer

    Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink on the planet, but few who enjoy it know much about how its four ingredients – malted barley, hops, yeast and water – miraculously combine. We’ve been brewing and drinking beer for thousands of years, without understanding how or why the brewing process works. In the Middle Ages, yeast was called ‘godisgoode’ because no one had any idea what fermentation was. Malting barley, too, has for centuries seemed genuinely wondrous: it’s only in the last 200 years that science has identified and understood how man and yeast work together to gently (or not so gently) persuade this humble grain to give up its sugary stash for fermentation into beer. 

    From the birth of brewing (and civilization) in the Middle East, through an exploration of water’s unmurky depths and the surreal madness of drink-sodden hop-blessings in the Czech Republic, to the stunning recreation of the first ever modern beer – Miracle Brew is an extraordinary journey through the nature and science of brewing.

    A journey into the world of the four remarkable ingredients of beer – Hops, Water, Barley and Yeast – by the UK’s most read, recognised and enjoyable of beer writers.

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  10. Home Brewing Bundle

    The Home Brewing Bundle

    The best in home brewing CAMRA's Home-Brewing Problem Solver (cover price £12.99) & Brew Your Own British Real Ale (cover price £14.99)

    These two great books are packed with expert advice on common home-brew snags and setbacks plus recipes for award-winning beers, contemporary classics and old favourites for you to try your hand at.

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